A name is an audible sign. A private label is a visible sign.
It is generally assumed that house brands are of Germanic origin. More than half of them are in Christianised form and many are derived from the well-known Christ monogram.


The same goes for the ancient inverted 4, as in our emblem, which is predominantly found with numerous auxiliary lines and crosses. The use of private labels was a common folk custom. They had the legal force of signature.
They are mysterious, magical figures, black on white, composed of a combination of straight and slanting lines.

The Circle may be regarded as the “owner” of the “Leen fusiegemeente Kinrooi”. The circle has the right to use its own “banner”. After all, in reference to its objectives, it is, as it were, at war through its activities: sheltering, studying… Its members (vassals) recognise the banner to gather under it and acknowledge it by going to war with it. The motivation for the “gentle struggle” is found in the heart: the love he shows for the four former congregations (the inverted four).
After all, the congregations were once created by the affection for their own. That is why the four in the emblem springs from the heart.
Where once four municipalities formed the core of the battle, they have now merged into one fusion municipality: the two oblique joining stripes. These also form a small arrow sign, pointing hopefully at the heart. It hopes to find the dynamism it needs.
Thus, this emblem is a sign or symbol of our goals:

Save what valuable cultural data can still be saved.
Learning to live with the old heritage and the new heritage well. In other words:

learning to put things in perspective: to have a proper critical appreciation of both the old heritage and the new.

“On a field of silver, a house mark of sable: consisting of a heart. From it springs an ancient inverted four. This four has two slashes at the bottom of the vertical line.
Together they form an arrow pointing to the lower placed heart.”