Young and old can come here for information, documentation, loans and purchase of publications.

Our documentation centre includes:

  1. books, brochures and magazines about the fusion municipality of Kinrooi and neighbouring municipalities
  2. local history magazines
  3. registers of civil status and parish registers of Kinrooi and neighbouring municipalities
  4. a newspaper clipping archive on the five church villages
  5. analogue and digital photographs and slides
  6. an extensive and well-organised archive of prayer cards (also consultable on this website)
  7. alphabetically classified obituaries (also available on this website)
  8. notaries

An overview of the available books and magazines (other than those of our community) can be consulted on this site. The lists are in a pdf file that can be read with a reader.

overview list of books, magazines
list of cuttings archive
own magazine
Funeral cards
letters of condolence